Artist Statement

Different, creative, exotic, and unusual. These are words I have come to embrace in my life, especially when building ceramic art. Although I create the pieces independently, I hope that the work communicates and provides a connection to others.

Shape, size, and form are important as the basis for each piece. I push the clay to its limit, testing the properties of the clay, using various techniques in order to complete the work. These qualities with the deep textures, appliqués, and carvings, distinguish my work. This texture, the organic feel, and rich color of the finished piece are especially important to me. I strive to create pieces that are enjoyed visually as well as functionally. The deep, layered, rich glazes continuously offer the viewer new delights.

I create my own clay stamps, tools and articles for textures so each piece is unique. I make the clay, allow it to rest, and begin the building process. At this stage, the clay is malleable, somewhat forgiving. When it becomes leather hard, the detail and finishing work sets the form. At the point of firing, the piece is firm and unchanging, but still fragile. The glazes are made from scratch, and are applied with varied techniques. The process is completed usually with one or two more times in the kiln. This final firing determines the end result. At this point the piece is complete, potentially forever.

Ceramic creations are for me, from "dust to creation", in essence, "from the earth". I find it both exciting and amazing that I will leave this world in a short number of years but the ceramic pieces I have created have the potential to be here for thousands of years to speak to people I have never met and will never know.

Art Education degree B.S.Ed. 1968, Kent State University, Kent Ohio.
Masters of Social ScienceAdministration, 1991. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

Mooneen has received awards and recognition for her work and is represented in local and other galleries in Ohio:

  • Baycrafters in Bay Village, Rocky River, OH
  • The River Gallery
  • Silverthorne
  • Brenda Krooz Gallery, Cleveland, OH
  • Collectors Corner, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH

All of her work is original and one of a kind only. Some are decorative, some functional, all are food safe. Sizes, shapes, and colors vary. She may be contacted directly for information regarding purchase at Prices for ceramic pieces vary. Shipping and Handling not included in price if quote is requested.

"Give me wisdom, give me strength, give me understanding. Please bless me and those I love in order that we may do your work. Please give special blessings to those in need." - Mooneen

Mooneen is a member of the Artist Guild of San Ynez Valley and the Santa Barbara Art Association

E-mail Mooneen for scheduling a workshop, coaching, and training or to inquire about purchasing her artwork.