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Training topics include:

  • Anger and Emotional Control
  • Humor and Attitude
  • You Are The Center of Your Universe: Your life in Context
  • Communicating with Style
  • Public Presentations
  • Basics Supervisory skills
  • Safety Strategies for Realtors
  • Dealing with Difficult People, communications
  • Self Esteem
  • Positive Parenting Skills

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Mooneen Mourad

"I will take a training of yours anytime you teach, you are a role model"

- James G.

"Thank you for the fabulous seminar you presented at Beck Center on Conflict
Resolution. Within two weeks of the seminar I experienced two difficult
situations at... Each time utilizing my new skills, I evaluated the person
and situation, and handled the incidents calmly and effectively. You are an
excellent teacher. I wish I had learned these skills years ago. Many

- Lynda Sackett, Director of Education and Outreach, Beck Center for
the Cultural Arts.