When you communicate, think about your Body Language! Experts agree on the following nonverbal communicators.


1. Expressing Opposition
- Leaning back implies hostility
- Crossed arms indicate disbelief
- Face set indicated disbelief or anger
- Rolling eyes shows frustration
- Slight slumping show lack of confidence
- Ear pulling indicates doubt
- Body turned away signifies rejection of what the other person is saying

2. Showing Interest
- Open expression shows interest in proceedings
- Leaning forward shows attentiveness
- Hands lightly folded on table show attentiveness
- Direct gaze shows attention

3. Making Decisions
- Direct eye contact implies positive thoughts
- Hand on chin shows thoughtfulness
- Nodding yes shows agreement in the proceedings
- Direct gaze and broad smile show friendly attention
- Body facing front and open posture show confidence (this is a vulnerable
open stance)
- Hands on hips indicate determination and ability to take control (assertive

4. Lacking interest
- Inattentive or indirect gaze means lack of concentration
- Looking upward or around means lack of interest
- Fiddling with a pen or object confirms that thoughts are elsewhere

5. Remaining Neutral
- Wide ayes and warm expression indicate willingness to be persuaded
- Open arms imply indecision
- Relaxed arms and legs show lack of tension
- Direct gaze shows attention, willing to listen, learn

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