Vision Statement
Mooneen's vision is a world where everyone teaches what they know to anyone who wishes to receive, thus enabling all individuals to achieve their potential.

Mission Statement
To achieve excellence in service in education, training and consultation. Recognizing that each person is unique, Mooneen will create an atmosphere which will: enable people to meet, feel safe, excited, and successful. This atmosphere and guidance will assist the participants in increasing their potential, productivity, respect for self and others, while honoring differences, and promote their love for lifelong learning.

Mooneen Mourad is the founder and president of Mooneen Mourad Enterprises, in Lakewood, Ohio. She is a professional educator, trainer, and writer. She is multifaceted, a professional educator, trainer and keynote speaker on a variety of serious topics who brings expertise, compassion, high energy, and a warm sense of humor to even the most difficult issues. She is a trainer and facilitator who employs the experiential, interactive, adult learning model as a speaker and when training and presenting workshops. Mooneen believes that immediate application is key. You will learn content, and still have fun.

She has a B.S.Ed. from Kent State University and a M.S.S.A. (Masters in Social Science Administration) from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Her expertise covers a host of topics, including: humor and attitude, communication skills, anger and emotional control, confrontation, basics in negotiation, goal setting, managing behaviors, self-esteem, therapy issues, sales, parenting, personal growth and related interpersonal. Mooneen has received awards and recognition at the local, state, and national levels for her programming, instructional design, and workshops. She has trained for state and local agencies, boards, personal and professional groups, colleges, universities, and business.

Mooneen is a contributing editor for magazine articles. Mooneen's articles have been published in the Cleveland Area Board of Realtor's Magazine. They include Basics in Negotiation, Safety Strategies and Joy for the Holidays.

Mooneen's extracurricular activities include competitive tennis, reading, volunteer work, and ceramic arts. Her work is represented in offices and galleries. She is married to William Mourad, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, and is mother to three grown children.

Multifaceted, Mooneen is a gifted, dynamic, creative speaker with expertise in the fields of Education, Communication and Real Estate Sales. She brings special understanding, personal vision, and high quality to workshops and seminars. Mooneen is humorous, energetic, professional, and the recipient of National, State of Ohio, and local awards and recognition for her instructional designs, programs, Workshops, training, and presentation skills.

"Give me wisdom, give me strength, give me understanding. Please bless me, and those I love in order for us to do your work. Please give extra blessings to those in need." - Mooneen Mourad

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Mooneen Mourad

"Also valuable one to one training to assist them in using the effective
communication tools in their personal lives as well as the workplace. The
response of the students was that of total interest and overwhelming
appreciation. Mooneen captivated the class' attention with her opening
activity and the interest never waned during the entire morning. She is a
creative, energetic, and intuitive person who is able to draw out the students n an engaging and yet very professional manner... received information
that will be or use to them their entire lives."

- Eva B. Marsico Certified
Activity Consultant Instructor, Lorain Community College