Mooneen Mourad has been an accomplished educator, trainer, writer, keynote speaker and artist.

On this site you will find information about the many Services Mooneen has to offer as a keynote speaker and educator. There are also Articles written by Mooneen, available as a resource. In addition, Mooneen will be providing Tips on a monthly basis a wide variety of topics within her areas of expertise.

Last but not least, please enjoy some exquisite, hand-made pieces of earthenware, ranging from masks to bowls and containers, on display. Some of these pieces are available for purchase, and also available for gallery display.

If you are interested in learning more about Mooneen, her artwork, or her availability as a keynote speaker, please Contact her by phone or e-mail.

E-Mail: mooneen1@yahoo.com

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"Give me wisdom, give me strength, give me understanding. Please bless me, and those I love in order for us to do your work. Please give extra blessings to those in need." - Mooneen Mourad

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Mooneen Mourad


"Mooneen, I just wanted to thank you for the most enjoyable + informative
continuing education class I have taken in my 16 year real estate career.
Your approach was unique, relevant + valuable. Many thanks."

- Ken Kazel
Sales Director

"You are a stellar performer, I learned so much in one day! I am so glad I
recommended you. Thank you!"

- Ken G. Dodds
U.S. Probation